Dear Pretty Girl

I know what you’re thinking: Wow! She came out with this one pretty fast! I was inspired, and so I decided to write it down and publish it on my blog. I’m not going to introduce this one quite as much, except to say that this apostrophe isn’t meant for just one person. With that, enjoy!

Dear Pretty Girl,

Yes, you; I’m talking to you. You don’t think you’re pretty, do you? Well, I am here to tell you that you are. You are pretty. Gorgeous, even. You know what the best part about you is? You are unique. You have your own special features, and each one of them is precious. I know you look in that mirror and hate some, or perhaps all, of what you see. I know you sit there and nitpick at yourself, running through all of the things that you wish you could change. I know you toss that outfit in the corner because you don’t think you will ever look good in it. But the truth is, you’re perfect. Just the way you are. You are uniquely you, and all of those things that you call “flaws” are just expressions of your uniqueness and beauty. Still don’t believe me? Continue reading