Apostrophe to Bradley

I haven’t written a post in a while, as I am in the middle of writing a novel that must be finished by December. However, I have been working on this apostrophe for a while now, and I figured that it’s time to post it. I know it’s past our anniversary now, but I’d still like to think of it as a gift from me to my boyfriend Brad as a way to say, “Happy anniversary!”

I still love thinking back to the night that I met you. I won’t go through the story, though, because you know how it goes. I am so glad I found the courage to sit down and talk to you that night on break during work. As time went on, the more I talked to you and got to know you, the more I grew to like you as more than a friend, even though I didn’t let myself realize it at first. I was charmed when you would walk me to my car after work at night, and overall you always seemed to have a form of kindness and gentlemanliness that I feel much of the world seems to have lost these days. Yes, we were just friends at first, but eventually, our friendship bloomed into a wonderful dating relationship. I think part of the reason we work so well together is because of the great friendship we formed. Obviously, the other, and main, reason is the faith that we both share, and I am being completely honest here when I say that at first, I thought you were too good to be true. But you’re not. You’re absolutely true, and I am the woman that gets to be with you. You’re thoughtful and understanding. You treat me how every girl deserves to be treated: with love and respect and trust and kindness. You love me, flaws and all. You and I strengthen each other and help each other grow. You even fit in perfectly with my family, which means a lot to me, because, as you know, my family means a lot to me too. You make me so happy, and even when I am having a bad day, you can always manage to make me smile. I love your spunkiness and that mischievous smile you get when you’re about to do something silly and playful. We’re both little kids at heart, and I love that. I love that one little dimple on your right cheek that appears when you’re really happy. It always makes me smile. Your laugh is contagious; I can always count on you to make me laugh, even over the phone. We have so much fun together. I love how much fun we have doing everything, and sometimes, nothing at all.

Sometimes our small adventures are my favorite ones. Like when we would go to the lake and just spend the day there, soaking up the sun and cooling down in the water. I always have so much fun playing video games with you, and watching Let’s Play videos on Youtube. Or anything, really. Some of my favorite times with you are actually when you have taken me golfing. I don’t golf, but I love watching you and riding along through the course. I love when we’re in the car and we’re both singing along loudly to songs that we both know. I think back in fondness to the times when we would go out to eat at Kwik Trip late at night after a long day of work. I will miss those days of working together and then hanging out afterwards, but I know that we have many more days ahead of us together, having even more adventures, because that’s the way we are. We’ve already had many more adventures here in Green Bay. Life is never dull when we’re together, and I love that.

Like any couple in the world, we have our miscommunications and our debates, and sometimes we make mistakes. But that isn’t what I remember when I think of our relationship. When I think of us, I see a slideshow of smiling, happy faces and laughter and fun times rolling across my memory. I think of the way you brighten a room when you walk in, and the way that your face lights up when you talk about anything to do with good food. I think of the way your eyes sometimes sparkle when you look at me. I know sometimes we can be that one really cheesy cute couple, but honestly, I love it. We don’t rush things, you and I; we take our relationship one step at a time, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us. I love you, Bradley.


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