Also, A Best Friend

It’s been a while since my last post, I know. College life seems to cause me to lose track of time amidst all of the papers, assignments, and other duties. But anyway, here I am with another post for you. Finally. Today you will get to read an apostrophe to a person, which, as I stated in my first post, is the type of apostrophe I write most often. Hope you enjoy it!

Growing up, I believe from the bottom of my heart that I had probably one of the best childhoods that someone could ever possibly have. I grew up in a small town of just over 2,000, where we had to travel at least twenty minutes to get to any kind of chain store or restaurant, but I didn’t mind it. In fact, I even like it, and to be honest, twenty to thirty minutes doesn’t seem like that long to me. I got to play outside in the woods almost every day, and to this day, being outside with the smells and sounds of the woods around me is one of my very favorite things. Yes, I am very blessed to have had a childhood like that. And I am very blessed to have such wonderful parents. I love you both, but today, I want to write specially to you, Mom.

Most girls talk about their closest friends being people who are around the same age as them, and while it is definitely true that I have close friends who are my age, I must say, you are most certainly among my closest friends. I realize that I am very blessed to be this close to my mom, because I don’t think that a lot of girls are. At least, not many that I have known. It is a special thing: being this close to my mom. Of course, you will always be my mom, and I will always respect you. But you will also always be one of my closest friends. You will always be one of the first people in this world to know about any good news, or bad, that I experience during my lifetime. You will always be one of the first people that I come to for advice. You will always be one of the first people I think of when I see a funny joke that I want to share.

I love our nightly conversations about the most random things, and when I am home, we often stay up close to, or even past midnight talking and laughing. I think one of the reasons we get along so well is because we’re so much alike. With some people, being alike tears them apart, but that is certainly not the case with us. Yes, in our case, being alike brings us closer together. Sometimes, we are so much alike it’s almost like I am a mini version of you! We talk the same way, think much in the same way, and like many of the same things, even music and clothes. I love how we can have entire conversations with just our eyes, the entire time not speaking a word; and I love how we each know what the other means to say, even when we can’t seem to think of the words and end up calling everything a “thingy.” You could say, “Could you get me the… uh… thingy, and put it on the thing over there?” And I will most likely know exactly what you are talking about. It’s almost like we read each other’s minds. One of my favorite examples of this mind reading is the time that you and I were discussing what to make for dinner and were both naming off ingredients that we would need, but the entire time, neither of us had ever mentioned the name of what we were making. When we realized this, we had stared at each other, each a bit stunned, and you asked me what I had been thinking of. I answered, “Burritos. Is that what you were thinking of?” And you had replied that, yes, you had been thinking the exact same thing.

Some of my favorite memories with you are our “girl days,” when we go out for coffee and shopping while the guys go hunting. Or the time when we were out as a family visiting a group of waterfalls in the U.P. (as our family often does), and you and I were practically glued to the bottle of mosquito repellent, spraying ourselves down frequently. The mosquitos were really bad that year, and we were getting eaten alive, even with the frequent spraying-downs of repellent. I remember we even jokingly posed with the bottle in few pictures that Dad took, framing it with our hands like a TV advertisement and cradling it lovingly. There are so many more, and I could go on for ages.

But you’re not just one of my best friends; you’re also an amazing mom. I might not have always been happy being punished as a kid or being scolded for something that I did wrong, but I am grateful to you now for doing that. Without your lessons and teachings, I don’t know where I would be in life. This is just a small example, but I remember when you used to brush my hair as little kid. I used to cry because it hurt, even though you weren’t brushing that hard. I remember you telling me that I needed to get a “tough head,” and that someday, I would thank you. I didn’t believe you at the time. All I knew back then was that my head hurt when my hair was brushed, and I would wince at even the slightest tug. I know it is just a small thing, but now, I really am thankful that you taught me that lesson. I can tug my hairbrush through my hair without even the slightest twinge of pain. People can even tug on my hair with considerable force, and it really won’t hurt much at all (it comes in especially handy with hair-grabbing little kids). You’ve taught me so many things in life, so many valuable lessons that I have taken to heart. You have guided me and helped me through so many things, and I am very grateful.

So thank you, Mom. Thank you for being a great mother, teacher, counselor, and even best friend, through these twenty years of my life. Like that compact mirror in my purse says: first my mother, forever my friend. I love you, Mom.


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  1. My dear sweet daughter, you truly are such a Blessing to not only me, but to all who know you.
    I can say you are definitely my best girlfriend too.
    God has gifted you with such a great talent for writing. You will go far in life and be a tremendous blessing to so many through your writing. Thank you. Thank you for being you.

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