What Are You, Home?

Before I start my first apostrophe, there is something I’d like to note. In my previous post, I said that most of my apostrophes are written to some type of person: imaginary, real, or unspecific. While this is true, I have decided to start out with an apostrophe that is not addressed to a person, as I feel that the type of apostrophe I have written below gives us a better example of what an apostrophe is and what it is like. Now, bear with me here, because although this gives us a better idea of what an apostrophe is, these types of apostrophes are more difficult to write. With that said, here is my apostrophe to an abstract concept:

Home. Where are you, exactly? Because somehow, I have ended up with two of you. I didn’t think that was possible, but clearly it is, because here I am.

Before college, you were simple. For me, you were a little brown house in the heart of Northwoods Wisconsin, and I would even expand that to include the surrounding small town of only 2,000 people. Each of your seasons there has a different, lovely smell, and even though summer has always been my favorite season, my favorite scents were of fall and spring. Fall always smells like leaves, and as more and more leaves descend and are crushed underneath our shoes, the smell only gets stronger and more pleasant, marking a coming change in the Wisconsin landscape. Spring, however, smells like rain and wet grass. It is a signal that things around you have begun anew, that everything is fresh and has woken up from its winter slumber. Up there, Home, you have lush woods to explore and enjoy, innumerable freshwater lakes to fish, swim, and boat on, lots of wonderful wildlife, and most importantly to me, you have my family. See, a piece of my heart will always belong to that small portion of Northwoods Wisconsin and the little brown house that I’ve lived in for my entire life, but my heart will always be where my family is. For eighteen years, that place was the only place you were to me, Home, but now, I have experienced something unusual. I have two of you.

Perhaps it is because I have lived in the same lovely house for my whole life, but I have never had two of you before. See, my first year at college didn’t change you much in my eyes at first, but within the last couple months, my definition of you changed. Especially now, as I finish up my second year, not only have you expanded to include my apartment at college, but also the city of Green Bay where it resides. I never thought I would feel as if Green Bay could be my home too, but it is. No, my heart has not left the Northwoods, not at all; but now, it is in Green Bay too. In some ways, Green Bay even reminds me of the Northwoods. The campus is a bit secluded from the city, and it has a large arboretum, or botanical garden, surrounding the entire campus, both of which are things I love about you there. But in Green Bay, you also have your own unique aspects that include this city in my definition of you. The campus is familiar, I’ve met good friends there, and made many wonderful memories in places all over the campus and the city itself. Not to mention the fact that your weather there is warmer all around, despite the constantly bustling winds. Honestly, I really like it in Green Bay, and I wouldn’t mind staying there even after college is over. So you see, Home, you have become Green Bay to me too.

If someone asked me which place is the real you, the real Home, I wouldn’t know what to tell them, because they are both the real you. Whether I ultimately ended up in Green Bay or the Northwoods, I would be perfectly happy either way. You are two places to me, but now, I have come to feel that you are much more than a place. You are where I feel a sense of belonging. You are where I feel comforted, calm, and happy. You’re where I have made many, many fond memories that will stay with me forever. You’re where the people I love are. You’re special, set apart, and very, truly, where the heart is.


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