What Are You, Home?

Before I start my first apostrophe, there is something I’d like to note. In my previous post, I said that most of my apostrophes are written to some type of person: imaginary, real, or unspecific. While this is true, I have decided to start out with an apostrophe that is not addressed to a person, as I feel that the type of apostrophe I have written below gives us a better example of what an apostrophe is and what it is like. Now, bear with me here, because although this gives us a better idea of what an apostrophe is, these types of apostrophes are more difficult to write. With that said, here is my apostrophe to an abstract concept:

Home. Where are you, exactly? Because somehow, I have ended up with two of you. I didn’t think that was possible, but clearly it is, because here I am.

Before college, you were simple. For me, you were a little brown house in the heart of Northwoods Wisconsin, and I would even expand that to include the surrounding small town of only 2,000 people. Each of your seasons there has a different, lovely smell, and even though summer has always been my favorite season, my favorite scents were of fall and spring. Fall always smells like leaves, and as more and more leaves descend and are crushed underneath our shoes, the smell only gets stronger and more pleasant, marking a coming change in the Wisconsin landscape. Continue reading