What is an Apostrophe?

If you are like most people, the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the word “apostrophe” is a punctuation mark, but I’m here to tell you a little known fact: the word apostrophe does not just refer to a mark of punctuation. No, it also refers to a writing style, and it is one that I happen to enjoy very much. An apostrophe is a piece of writing in which the speaker addresses a person who is not present, an inanimate object, or even an abstract concept. The most common place to find examples of apostrophes is in plays, but they are also sometimes used in poetry and prose (If you would like to learn even more about apostrophes, check out Literary Devices). Being a story-writer, of course I write my apostrophes in prose form. However, apostrophes are usually sections of larger works, and that is where my apostrophes deviate from the norm. I didn’t write my apostrophes to be part of some larger work, but I also didn’t write them not to be. I could easily stick one or two into a larger work if I think they fit.

Another thing you will discover about my apostrophes is that most of them are addressed to people. Some are imaginary and some are real, and sometimes, they do not address anyone in particular. Sometimes, I am simply pouring out my heart to the world. Well, technically, to my laptop, but that will soon change, as they are posted on my blog and seen by you: my lovely readers.

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