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Not Tonight

Last night, I crashed my car. I’d had a few beers, but I thought, stupidly, that I would still be okay to drive. Plus, I didn’t want to wait around to be picked up, and I sure wasn’t going to walk home. I don’t remember much about the drive, but looking back, I don’t think... Continue Reading →

The Reason I Write

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved writing. You’ve probably heard the story before. I know there are many out there like me who have found their calling in writing. I love being a part of the writing community, and one of my favorite things is hearing about the reasons people write.... Continue Reading →

Dear Younger Self

Dear Younger Self, If there were one thing I could give you, it would be the confidence to speak up. I know it’s awkward in a room full of people where you feel alone, but the fact is that you’re not alone. If you speak up with confidence, that confidence is what will show, not... Continue Reading →

Forever my Puppy

I’m sad right now, and I will be for a while, because life without you is decidedly dimmer. The world is less bright without you in it. But I know that you would want me to be happy. Whenever I would cry, you would always come over and lick the tears off of my face.... Continue Reading →

Goodbye, Friend

What people don’t tell you about grief is that it washes over you at completely random moments. Suddenly everything reminds you of the faithful companion you lost; the sweet, playful dog who could always make you smile. One minute you’re riding in the car and staring out the window, and the next minute, tears are... Continue Reading →

Northwoods Summers

Northwoods summers are something special. My years of growing up there have shown me that. Looking back, I realize how just how lucky I have been to live in such a beautiful place. No matter where I end up in life, the Northwoods will always have a special place in my heart. Northwoods summers are... Continue Reading →

Clock Without a Key

Today I have something different in store for you. This is a short story that I actually wrote a year or two ago, but this past week, I took another look at it and revised it.  Recently, after a two-year break, I have once again begun submitting short stories to magazines and journals. Writing short... Continue Reading →

Apostrophe to Bradley

I haven’t written a post in a while, as I am in the middle of writing a novel that must be finished by December. However, I have been working on this apostrophe for a while now, and I figured that it’s time to post it. I know it’s past our anniversary now, but I’d still... Continue Reading →

Dear Pretty Girl

I’m not going to introduce this one quite as much, except to say that this apostrophe isn’t meant for just one person. With that, enjoy! Dear Pretty Girl, Yes, you; I’m talking to you. You don’t think you’re pretty, do you? Well, I am here to tell you that you are. You are pretty. Gorgeous,... Continue Reading →

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